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Something happened…. a trauma, a broken or difficult relationship, a difficult childhood ……

Maybe you are telling yourself that you “should be over it by now” or “it happened so long ago, why does it still bother me?” The truth is that there is no timeline for how events impact us, often surprising that they surface after the crisis is over.

Sometimes you have a big internal or external reaction that you don’t understand. All the things you usually have access to, like your logic and your reasoning, seem to go away in that moment and all you know is that you don’t feel well or something doesn’t feel right. Maybe these big reactions feel like…. anxiety, depression, being highly self critical… or maybe on the outside everything seems fine, but on the inside I’m not ok….

What if I told you there’s a way out? Would you like to be able to regulate your body’s automatic response and get back in touch with what you really want? I can help you regulate and understand what’s happening in your body so that you don’t have to live in the automatic fear response anymore. Sometimes you don’t know what’s happening in your body. Together we can discover what is causing these big reactions and learn a new way to cope.

Deciding to come into therapy take tremendous courage. You want things to change but not sure how? I would love to help!

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