As a client of Loraine Klassen Therapy, everything shared in session is kept confidential. There are three exceptions to this confidentiality that are required by law:

  1. Suicide/Homicide: If you disclose that you are planning to complete suicide or commit homicide I am required to break confidentiality and alert the police.
  2. Child Abuse: Information about a child currently at risks of harm, abuse, or neglect is mandated reporting for all therapists and will require Loraine Klassen to contact MCFD to make a report.
  3. Subpoena: Loraine Klassen Therapy has a legal obligation to comply with a judge if a clients records are subpoenaed. If this should occur, I am not able to protect your confidentiality in the legal system.

In these instances Loraine Klassen is bound by law and ethics to break confidentiality and ensure that the safety of persons involved is made the highest priority.


If you are unable to make your scheduled appointment please contact Loraine (info@loraineklassentherapy.com) to reschedule. Any appointments that is canceled or rescheduled appointments requires at least 24 hours advanced notice. Appointments cancelled or rescheduled with less than 24 hours notice are charged at the full session fee.

Social Media Policy

Interaction across social media platforms

Loraine Klassen Therapy does not “friend” or follow clients via social media.  However, Clients are encouraged and welcome to follow Loraine Klassen therapy on social media if they choose. (Instagram: @permission.to.be.human and FaceBook: Loraine Klassen Therapy)

It is our policy that contact made through social media is limited and is not confidential.  Therefore, emails regarding booking appointments and general inquires are to be sent to: info@loraineklassentherapy.com

Post and comments on Social media sites are for educational purposes and not advertising. Posts made by Loraine Klassen Therapy are not intended as advice or therapeutic intervention.  Social media is not a secure form and therefore not able to support confidential communication. In addition, Loraine Klassen Therapy will not use client information in social media posts.  Any similarities to persons who are or may have been clients is coincidental, however common themes and topics may be addressed without pertaining to a specific client.  

Business Review Websites

Loraine Klassen Therapy does not solicit reviews for its social media sites.  Reviews found online may be from clients, other professionals, or random strangers.  We do not respond to reviews on Google, Yelp, or other business review sites, and will never ask clients to leave a review. 

Location Based Services

Clients should note that if location based services are enabled on their mobile device may impact their confidentiality.  Clients are advised to be aware of the options to remove or turn off location-based services in order to protect their confidentiality.