Canadian Private practice summit – October 6-8, 2020

A free virtual summit – Helping Canadian Mental Health Therapists LAUNCH and LOVE their private practice

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Are you tired of spending your days off searching: “How to start a private practice?”, but only coming up with information that isn’t relevant for you as a Canadian? That’s why I started the Canadian Private Practice Summit. I was tired of spending my time googling and only finding information it didn’t apply to me. I wanted information for Canadians by Canadians. So I set to work and gathered experts across Canada to help answer my most frequently asked questions about private practice. What is holding you back from starting your private practice?  

I love being in Private Practice, but I can easily get distracted by all the details that go into running a business. So I’ve decided to bring together experts to help you be successful in Private Practice! Leasing, marketing, finding clients, accounting… and more! Click the link below to get your name on the waitlist for this FREE summit:)

Discover your options for therapy during the pandemic
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